Tips to be a Great Community Partner

In a Canadian winter, we know that we’re all in this together. To provide top-notch snow removal service for the wonderful folks of Toronto, residents have a unique role to play, too. Simple acts like bringing in garbage bins, parking a bit further from the curb, or adding some snazzy reflective lights along property lines can really help Snow T.O. work our snow-clearing magic. So, let’s team up for a worry-free winter, Toronto!

Remove Garbage
+ Recycling Bins

Ensure your bins are placed
in designated areas and away from snowplow routes to avoid interference.

Park Away from
the Curb

When we’re clearing the sidewalk, consider parking a bit further from the curb to allow for wider snow clearing and to ensure your vehicle steers clear of equipment.

Mark Property Boundaries

If possible, install reflective lights to mark the boundary between your property and the sidewalk to guide snowplow operators.

Remove Obstacles

Before the snowfall, remove any objects or vehicles that may block equipment. This ensures safe and efficient access for
the snowplow.

Stay Informed

Keep an eye on weather forecasts and anticipated snowfall amounts so you can prepare in advance.

Regular Maintenance

Keep your property well maintained throughout winter. This includes fixing any drainage issues, which can prevent icy spots from forming.